Our purpose

Step Up Parents was formed to offer financial assistance and support to relative caregivers in New Hampshire who have selflessly stepped up to be surrogate parents to kids whose biological parents are struggling with substance use disorder. In addition to taking on parenting again later in life, these kinship caregivers have suffered the devastating effects of addiction with their own child or relative which in many instances has led to his/her untimely and senseless death. 

Besides the enormous commitment and responsibility,  the most immediate need is often financial.  In most cases, available state and federal aid is not enough, especially for those grandparents and relatives who have taken in these children outside the framework of the foster care system. Studies show that children who stay with a grandparent or relative have much better emotional and behavioral outcomes than those placed in foster care or with a non-family member. Step Up Parents hopes to fill in the gaps for those caregivers.  By supporting the families caring for and raising these “opioid orphans,” we can help break the cycle. 

Step Up Parents relies solely on donations and fundraising to assist these families.  No donation is too small. Through a comprehensive financial aid application and screening process, we will work hard to funnel every cent directly to the families in need.  Whether it is aid with the cost of daycare, legal fees or maybe a special camp for a struggling child, Step Up Parents wants to help.  Sponsoring local support groups and information nights for kinship caregivers is another way we can try to make a difference.  We do realize that this problem is not unique to New Hampshire and hope to expand our services to other states in the near future.  

Step Up Parents believes that even heroes need a hand.